What do benefits/HR and legal all have in common?

August 6, 2020 8:30 pm

What do benefits/HR and legal all have in common?  Our recent webinar explored this; it was amazing how affected they all are by COVID-19.

What we learned is that managing the new legislative landscape during COVID-19 is tough. It’s why Business Insurance Services and the United Way of Hamilton & Halton (UWHH) cohosted a webinar to help employers. It featured a Q & A format with three specialists. Ed Canning is an Employment Lawyer from Ross & McBride. You may have read his articles as they are published bi-weekly in the local paper. His insight into the ways employers can maneuver and what they need to consider was invaluable. Many more questions than answers given all the COVID-19 changes, but having the guidance from a specialist on the legal perspective of employment and benefits is important as it can have lasting and costly effects if unmanaged.  

Adding to the team of experts was Marylisa Forsyth, an HR consultant who has a vast history of experience working for many private and public organizations. Her insight into the ways to manage through the new burdens of COVID-19 enlightened us all as to how employers do what they have to do, either hiring or terminating during COVID. The key takeaway was don’t delay. If you have any issues deal with them sooner rather than later. Ed Canning concurred.

Then we had our very own Rosemary Marsh, a Managing Partner at Business Insurance Services. With her more than 30 years’ experience in benefits, she understands the role all three of the experts play in supporting an employer. Of most interest to employers were the new concepts that address the tsunami of mental health issues they will need to handle with their employees. This was of great interest to our more than 100 attendees. With that in mind we have attached one of our newest and greatest support tools, should it be able to assist you and your organization.

We were proud to partner with the UWHH on this project. This event was originally an in-person event but, just like you, we had to change plans quickly. We are grateful so many joined the webinar and hope to do more to support employers. If you’d like to be a part of our next webinar, please send an email to rmarsh@bisinc.ca.  

This post was written by Rosemary Marsh

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