7 employee benefits that aren’t insurance benefits

September 24, 2019 5:16 pm

These are changing times. With many employers facing challenges finding and hiring employees, it’s interesting to take a look at the creative tools some of our clients have used to find and keep their new hires. Certainly, insurance benefits are one recruiting tool, but there are many employee benefits that aren’t insurance benefits that are appealing to new prospects.

The new hiring process

More employers are hiring employment agencies who specialize in maneuvering online social media platforms and finding the right candidates, before those candidates even apply; social media allows recruiters to find a perfect candidate the first time they recommend a new hire. But once that perfect fit is found, how best to keep them?

While we often talk about how traditional insurance benefits can be an amazing tool to do just this, there are also other ways to promote employee engagement and a great work environment. So, consider the following benefits — that aren’t benefits — as innovate approaches to improving your work culture.

Unplug room: Create a place for your employees to relax, rest their eyes, and rejuvenate during the workday. Promote it as a 5-minute time out to refresh.

Travelling massage therapist: Hire a massage therapist in your workplace to offer staff neck and shoulder massages. It will ease their tension and set you apart. Employees want to work for employers who care.

EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs): EAPs are more popular now than they ever were. They’ve evolved to offer online and phone fitness training tools for your employees to tap into, promoting healthy living in a way that’s easy to use and helpful. Check with your EAP provider to see if this is offered.

Virtual doctors: Some providers are embedding this new benefit into their platform. For employees managing a busy life and in need of a medical consult, doctors accessible via video call or phone are a big win. Employers wins too; issues are addressed quickly and efficiently with less time needed away from work.

A potluck lunch: Bringing your team together through the sharing of food is always a good idea. A greater sense of community can encourage a higher level of engagement, promote a happier environment, and improve employee tenure.

Take your dog to work day: Dogs are man’s best friend, and your employees with dogs think so too. By allowing them to bring their well-trained dog to work for a day, they get to connect with other employees in a way they may never have before, provided there are no allergy issues to consider. Remember: more engagement means more tenure. Dogs are also known to relieve stress, so there is a dual benefit in promoting dogs in the workplace.

Lunch and meditation hour: With computers and cell phones so prominent, the need to unplug and turn off our minds has never been more desired. Hire a meditation specialist or use an online meditation tool. You just need a quiet room and someone to organize the event. Turning off our minds is becoming a necessary exercise that will promote calmness and improve creativity and health.

With the speed of life moving so fast and things changing just as quickly, the need to evolve our ideas surrounding work environments is crucial. It is often said that the more you give, the more you get. Give one or more of these ideas a try and you and your employees are sure to reap more benefits than you never expected.

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This post was written by Rosemary Marsh

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