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How do I buy Group Insurance?

Buying Group Insurance doesn’t have to be daunting. There are a few key things to consider. What’s your budget? What do you need? What do you want? And who will you work with? A seasoned broker can help you arrive at a budget, isolate the needs from the wants and create a sustainable package that will work for you and your employees. Contact Business Insurance Services to get expert advise on all of the above.

Why is Group Insurance so expensive?

Benefits can be expensive if you follow the cookie cutter format for insurance benefits. But today, there are so many creative ways to address an insurance program that there is no excuse for not coming up with a financially sustainable program that will be valued. It just requires a partnership with your broker, and creative analysis and design to implement a plan that works for you and your employees.

Why should I contact BIS? What makes you different?

Great question! BIS is an advocate for you, the employer, first and foremost. We specialize in customized solutions that fit your budget and needs, and make your organization the priority. We offer hands-on consulting and assistance to create a benefits package that you can afford today and tomorrow. Oh, and we keep on coming back. We don’t just want your business at the start — we earn it every quarter through experience reviews and communication updates, annual renewal analysis and communication plans. Through partnering with BIS, you’ll have an advocate that understands how the industry works and how to reap the best outcome for your company.

How do I address employee benefits on international assignments?

It can be quite common for employers to transfer employees on international work assignments. Among the items to address in these situations are the group benefit needs and the provincial insurance program. Leaving the country can have an impact upon return if the provincial plan hasn’t been notified. As well, carriers need to approve these type of arrangements to ensure they will continue to contractually cover the employee under the group benefits. BIS is seasoned in this area of expertise and works diligently to address all the employee and employer risks that may be associated with the move. Key is to be sure to speak to a professional before the employee move occurs…to avoid any surprises.

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