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Ontario Trillium Drug Benefit

You may be eligible for Ontario’s Trillium coverage if you do not have drug benefits through a group plan, or if you have benefits but have exceeded the group plans annual drug or plan maximum. There is a requirement that the drug costs claimed must exceed 4% of your household total income to be considered eligible for coverage through this program.

The Trillium program has an annual deductible, which is approximately 4% of your combined household income. This is paid in 4 installments throughout the year. You may also have to pay a $2 per prescription deductible.

Based on a $75,000 combined household income (including kids over 16), the deductible for Trillium would be $3,000 or $750 quarterly. In this instance, once your claims reach this $750 deductible, Trillium will provide coverage for the remainder. This coverage continues until the beginning of the next quarter when the deductible will need to be satisfied again.

The claims year coincides with the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan, which is August through July.

Application kits for Trillium benefits may be obtained from most pharmacies or by calling 1-800-575-5385.

Please consult the following website for further details.

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